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Some thoughts: On Assassins and Sebastian Moran

Is there any chance that we’ve already met Sebastian Moran?

Just think about it.

Submitted by the lovely blissfullycracked

Two of the male assassins were shot and killed in this episode, the big bald guy who was in with Mrs. Hudson, and there was a random third male assassin who we all agree had integrated himself into Lestrade’s police force.

And there was that female assassin was no where to be found, for some odd reason. There is a possibility that she was busy protecting Molly. Has anyone considered that? The only reason why it wasn’t shown was because Sherlock didn’t say her name while talking to Moriarty since he knew that he still needed her in order to complete his plan.

THEN, there is the fourth male assassin who had his gun trained on John. Could it be that the two who were with Mrs. Hudson and Lestrade were placed there by Sherlock in order to protect them? But why then would John’s protector have the gun trained on his head? He should have been sweeping the area, looking for potential shooters.

So, there is a guy who is ready to shoot John at a moment’s notice, and it is agreed upon that Moriarty said that there were three shooters only because Sherlock said three names. Moriarty didn’t think to include Mrs. Hudson and Lestrade, because he didn’t think that they were important. But, when it came to John, he knew that the man was Sherlock’s ‘heart’. He also knew that in order to “burn” Sherlock, all he would have to do is take out his heart. His John.

In rapid conclusion:

Sherlock’s heart = Clearly John

Therefore to burn Sherlock = Kill John

Friends of Sherlock’s (according to Moriarty)= John (Remember, in Sherlock’s opinion he only has ONE friend.)

In essence:

There was an assassin. There was one assassin. John was the only one who was ever in trouble.

And that Assassin was Sebastian Moran.

Additionally: the assassin (who we’re all guessing is Moran) looked a bit like Sherlock (tall, think, thick dark curls). He could have been the one who kidnapped the children, which would explain the scream.

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