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We are the Sherlockians. Now that we have recovered from the Fall, we won't stop until we have deduced the bejeesus out of the finale. Moffat, you won't win this time.

First attempt at a Sherlock theory by Blissfullycracked

Okay, so I’ve been thinking, and reading other people’s theories for far too long now. But, I have finally come up with something that I sort of like.

Here we go. (submitted by blissfullycracked. Thank you!)

First… In the middle of the episode, Sherlock walks into the interrogation room with the little girl in it and attempts to speak to her. She screams her little head off, and then Donovan decides that there was no reason for her to have screamed unless she had seen Sherlock somewhere before. Makes perfect sense.

Now, how about this. If in fact, the girl had seen Sherlock somewhere before, where was it? Maybe the kidnapping itself? Who’s to say that there wasn’t a Sherlock impersonator who kidnapped the kids under someone’s orders? And, isn’t Mycroft the damn British government, and wouldn’t he have had the resources to maybe take one of Sherlock’s homeless network and make his brother a twin?

Second…. Moffat had the nerve to tell us that there was an uncharacteristic trait that Sherlock showed in the last few scenes. What was that trait? Was it the call to John instead of a text, was it the seemingly emotional way that he teared up while talking to the man, or was it something else? Here is my thinking.

The uncharacteristic trait that he showed was the way that he had his hands clasped behind his back while talking to Moriarty, thus allowing for the assumption that he was holding the camera that he found in 221B. The way that he was not moving while talking to Moriarty, even though the egotistical man loved to move around and explain his findings. And especially the way that he asked so many damn questions! Like, what the actual fuck? Sherlock ask questions? There was only one time when he needed help to follow someone’s train of thought, and even then it was just to ask about spray paint! There was no way that Sherlock would ask so many questions and look so flabbergasted. I mean, the man looked down right ordinary and stupid while talking to Moriarty. 

Explanation? He was acting, since it also didn’t make sense for him to go, “of course, my suicide” and look confused before. That man had already gone to Molly and told her that he had to fake his death. OR! That wasn’t him!

Now here is when I go back to my original statement. Man who kidnapped the kids and the screaming girl, remember? Say that if Mycroft made this man look like Sherlock, then why the hell could he have not paid him to go up and meet Moriarty and then jump? Money and the promise of living? I’d do it. John would do it. Mrs. Hudson would even do it!

And then there is the line, “I’m a fake.” What if… now stay with me here… Sherlock meant it. He really meant it. If the guy standing on the roof wasn’t him and Sherlock was somewhere else watching John, he could have been trying to give him a clue buy telling him straight up that the guy that he was looking at wasn’t actually him. But then of course, John would put it towards the scandal. We all did. And we’re not all Sherlock.

That would then still allow for the theory floating around that someone landed in the laundry truck that conveniently fucking pulled away as soon as people started to crowd around the body.

It would also explain how Sherlock managed to show up at the gravesite without a damn scratch on his beautiful face.

Third… I will not be convinced by anyone that the body that landed was actually Sherlock himself. Know why? Hmmmm… maybe because the man who jumped off off the building jumped straight down, arms out, with his legs kicking, and should have landed with his head facing north. Too bad that the body was not in the right position. Where was the head facing when the “doctors” (most likely Sherlock’s homeless helpers) turned the body over? To the west. The head was facing to the west when it should have been facing to the north.

No way that that body was actually the one that fell from the roof. No way.

Fourth… Homeless network. Amazing thing really. They were sitting and standing there around the fall site, just waiting for their Sherlord to drop. Third body? Maybe? Can’t really come up with a logical explanation for that one, but it could work. I mean, this is Moffat and Gatiss that we’re talking about here.

Basically, I’m thinking that Mycroft knew everything from the beginning, of course Sherlock knew everything from the beginning (binary code, plus the fact that the two violin pieces are often played together), and the Holmes boys decided to get rid of a man that they both understood to be too dangerous.

Everything was planned. Sherlock knew. Mycroft knows. Mrs. Hudson knows. Molly knows. The only one, besides Lestrade, who doesn’t know is poor John. Oh, John… poor, dear John.

Don’t kill me. It’s a theory, and a cracked one at that. But, maybe that’s how it happened. Maybe it didn’t. All we can agree on is that Sherlock knew from the very beginning, and that he staged his death so brilliantly that it destroyed John.

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